History of Glestain Knives

History of Glestain Knives

Glestain is a popular stainless steel kitchen knife brand produced by Honma Kagaku. The brand has its origin in Japan, and is located in the heart of Niigata prefecture. Glestain knives are particularly popular among professional chefs for its unique design and cutting performance, which is achieved through the brand’s unique manufacturing methods and craftsmanship.

Therefore, not only Glestain knives are well-known and widely-used among culinary experts, but are also loved and adored by knife collectors from all over the world for its originality.

History of Glestain Knives

Glestain knife was made in 1971 by Akira Honma, who established Honma Science Co., Ltd. prior to launching Glestain. Honma is a talented engineer who strived to learn and apply the latest advances in the field of science and technology towards knife production. In its early years since inception, the Glestain brand was neither famous nor popular. Furthermore, the high cost of Glestain knives coupled with its unconventional design, meant most distributors and retailers were not willing to carry the brand due to fears of its knives not being popular with consumers. As a result, Glestain decided to sell its knives direct to customers by visiting restaurants individually to demo its product and let chefs experience the knives themselves. Many professional chefs and culinary professionals appreciated the visits and were impressed by the companies’ dedication and passion for its knives. They were able to provide suggestions to Glestain who utilized this feedback to further improve their knives and give its customers exactly what they were looking for. As a result, Glestain knives slowly began to gain a great reputation amongst culinary professionals and its general popularity began to increase.

Unlike other ‘ordinary knives’, Glestain knives are easily recognized due to its patented, distinctive design. The knives’ blade’s surfaces feature rectangular-shaped dimples that prevent sticking, allowing for smoother, faster, more efficient, and easier cutting. The handles of the knives are comfortable, and the weight of the knives is well-balanced, therefore it’s no surprise why Glestain knives are so highly regarded and a preferred brand amongst professional chefs. One of Glestain’s advantages is their longstanding, in house research and development program for developing and bringing innovative knives to the market. This program is made up of master craftsmen, engineers, as well as professional chefs who team up and collaborate to continuously improve the company’s offerings.

How to make Glestain Knives

Despite the uniqueness it carries, a Glestain knife is not a simple knife to forge at all.

To ensure consistent and reliable production, Glestain has developed numerous special manufacturing processes, from heat-treating to the final sharpening of its knives. For example, Glestain’s heat-treating process employs a total of seven, extremely time-consuming steps which is atypical in knife manufacturing. While time-consuming, the same level of care and attention is placed during each step of the process. The companies’ special sharpening technique is also why Glestain knives provide superior cutting performance. Glestain knives feature a specially designed convex edge, which was invented by Honma himself. In order to maintain his level of high standards, Honma personally teaches this special sharpening method to only a special selection of his most skilled craftsmen. Glestain’s attention to detail during production is to be admired, and a reason why its knives are so well-regarded amongst professional chefs.


Since its inception in 1971, Glestain knives has experienced tremendous growth and is now amongst the most popular and preferred knives for culinary professionals and home cooks. The knives’ patented design which features the rectangular dimples which make cutting smoother, easier, more efficient, and prevents sticking. The knives are also light weight and feature great balance which makes it extremely easy and a joy to use. The knives are made of stainless steel and are durable and reliable. While the price is on the higher end, Glestain knives are in a class of their own, and you will not be disappointed once you try its knives.

As Glestain knives are unique, trend-setting knives for professionals and even knife collectors, many companies are now trying to improve their knife models and series, thanks to Glestain’s unique blades.

Go ahead and check out Glestain today. Enjoy your cooking!

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