Sabun POWDER PRO 100 Powdered High Speed Steel Japanese Chef’s Petty Knife (Utility) 120mm

Sabun POWDER PRO 100 Powdered High Speed Steel Japanese Chef's Petty Knife (Utility) 120mm

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Japanese knives are high in demand due to the rising fame of Japanese cuisine loved by diners from different parts of the world. Salmon sushi, Takoyaki, Donburi, Tempura, and Ramen are loved and devoured by people from various places, further pushing the bars of expectations towards the culinary industry in Japan. As more people give love and credits to Japanese food and its outstanding aesthetics, the bars of satisfaction and expectations go up the ladder, reaching the peak of excellence. With this, Japanese head chefs and culinary experts are continuously active when it comes to the crafting of new Japanese delicacies, combining the traditional, authentic recipes with unique and original ideas. However, these Japanese delicacies aren’t just simple dishes that can be cooked without preparation and essential skills. The mastery of the blades is then, highly important to Japanese food chefs – beginners or professionals alike.

The mastery of Japanese knife skills is truly essential when it comes to the crafting of sushi and sashimi dishes. Although it may also be used in the cooking and preparation processes of general dishes like Donburi and even appetizers like Takoyaki, Japanese knives play an important role in the crafting of delicacies like sushi and sashimi. As slicing paper-thin slices of raw fish, cutting vegetables into perfect shapes, and chopping various ingredients will rely greatly upon the techniques and the skills of the blades – properly utilizing a Japanese knife will definitely result in delicious, mouth-watering culinary pieces. As intricacy and delicacy are two terms that generally describe Japanese delicacies, Japanese chefs are extremely careful of all cooking processes, specifically when it comes to professionally using a Japanese knife for all traditional techniques.

Sashimi and sushi dishes not only require careful selection of fresh, caught-from-sea fish variations and seafood – slicing and filleting them are probably among the most important processes in the preparation stage. As different kinds of fish will require varying techniques depending on their unique textures and builds, a Japanese chef will have to determine and know which techniques and skills are to be applied to successfully craft original Japanese delicacies. With this, a perfect Japanese knife is needed to ensure that all traditional techniques can be done without a hassle. All Japanese knives in general, are extremely sharp. Most Japanese knives have long and narrow blade bodies as they are forged to fillet numerous ingredients and pull long strokes when it comes to slicing. However, there are shorter blades for other uses too. As Japanese knives vary in shapes and functions, Japanese food aspiring chefs and beginners are required to learn of the different types of Japanese knives before deciding on getting one.

Although there are a wide variety of Japanese knives out there in the market, there are only a few Japanese knife brands trusted and widely known by culinary experts. Among the famous, highly-trusted Japanese knife brands, Sabun tops the charts for its variety, uniqueness, and professionalism.


Introducing professional, premium-grade Japanese knives, Sabun and its POWDER PRO series have been causing a great stir among Japanese knife users. Sabun POWDER PRO 100 Powdered High Speed Steel Japanese Chef’s Petty Knife (Utility) 120mm is currently among the best-selling petty knives, where its pros include: outstanding edge retention, premium quality stainless steel material, and extreme blade sharpness. For fast and convenient sharpening of this hard blade in particular, it is best to use a ceramic sharpening stone. To further enhance one’s cooking skills and the crafting of delicacies just anywhere, Sabun’s knives are definitely worth it.

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