Sakai Takayuki ZANGETSU ENTEN Ginsan Damascus and Sakai Takayuki HANAFUBUKI Ginsan Damascus Knives

Sakai Takayuki ZANGETSU ENTEN Ginsan Damascus and Sakai Takayuki HANAFUBUKI Ginsan Damascus Knives

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Have you ever wondered why Japanese chefs are so concerned about the type of knife they use? Well, the mastery of the blades holds high significance when it comes to the making of Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi dishes – the type of cutlery or equipment required to craft these mouth-watering culinary art pieces is then, essential.

Japanese cuisine is known for the intricate food preparation processes that starts from the fine selection of fresh ingredients to the variety of techniques needed to professionally slice through, chop, mince, and cut pieces of high-end poultries into desired shapes and forms.

As Japanese dishes often consist of wide-range ingredient types – featuring both raw and cooked ingredients, culinary experts and Japanese food professionals are always in the search for top-tier Japanese knife models and series to perfectly craft sashimi and sushi. With this, it is important to get a hold of the best set of Japanese knives to craft culinary art pieces of excellence and ensure that all dishes and menus are delicious and spectacular.

There are countless numbers of Japanese knife brands in the market, but only a few remained as legendary knife brands. Among the few top-tier Japanese knife brands that craft excellent, superb-quality cutleries, Sakai Takayuki tops the charts for its never-ending releases of premium knife series and models that are forged and crafted with traditional Japanese knife-forging technology.

Sakai Takayuki is one of the oldest knife brands of Japan, with a long history that dates back to 600 years. Home to highly-skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths, Sakai Takayuki has always been among the trusted brands, known for the release of best knives to cut through simply just anything, specifically ingredients best for the making of sashimi and sushi.

Sakai Takayuki forges premium-quality knives with high-end hard steels like Damascus, blue steel, white steel, and a variety of much more. Continuously releasing more knife series, Sakai Takayuki currently dominates the charts for the top, best Japanese knife brand.

Sakai Takayuki ZANGETSU ENTEN Ginsan Damascus Knife Series

Sakai Takayuki ZANGETSU ENTEN Ginsan Damascus knives are forged out of the legendary Damascus steel. This series of quality knives feature the ENTEN stylish, arched-shape blades with the rare, Ginsan Suminagashi-Damascus knife textures. Forged through intricate, careful processes, this Damascus knife series are crafted to be extremely sharp out of the box. The unique combination of rare Damascus textures, Ginsan stainless core, and arched-shape blades makes Sakai Takayuki ZANGETSU ENTEN Ginsan Damascus knife series among the top, best-selling items and is trusted among professionals. The extreme sharpness, excellent edge retention, unparalleled durability, and rust-resistance features further pushes forward the popularity of this series.

Sakai Takayuki HANAFUBUKI Ginsan Damascus Knife Series

Another great series from Sakai Takayuki is no other than the Sakai Takayuki HANAFUBUKI Ginsan Damascus knife series. Known for its exotic, yet simple blade design forged with Silver paper Gingami No.3 steel, this series of excellent-quality knives are high-end models suitable for professional use. With high edge-retention, rust-resistance, and beautiful on-blade engravings, Sakai Takayuki HANAFUBUKI Ginsan Damascus knife series are wonderfully forged and crafted to meet the needs of making Japanese delicacies. With stylish blade shapes along with traditional Japanese engravings, Sakai Takayuki HANAFUBUKI Ginsan Damascus knives are among the best series that recreate the elements of traditional Japanese swords, or also known as ‘Katanas’.
Similar to that of a Samurai’s Katana, a Japanese knife is a weapon required by Japanese food chefs to create their very own unique dishes and menus. On the other hand, these beautiful blades are also items of art, worth having in collection.

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