Sakai Takayuki Honyaki VG10 Stainless Dragon

Sakai Takayuki Honyaki VG10 Stainless Dragon

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For Japanese food lovers, sushi definitely is among the most devoured dishes above all. Although one might prefer fresh, deep-fried prawn tempura and California rolls found at any convenient stores, delicate flavors of sashimi pieces crafted intricately at authentic Japanese restaurants would just feel so much different. Authentic, hand-crafted Japanese sushi and signature dishes are worldwide preferred and loved due to traditional flavors that combine with subtleness along with the faint, distinct flavors of raw ingredients.
Specifically in Omakase restaurants, fine quality sushi is served by top Master Chefs to showcase not only their fine selection of ingredients according to the changing seasons, but also their skills and mastery in the usage of Japanese sushi knives. To witness the techniques, the skills, and the mastery of the blades each chef has, a sushi bar in these authentic Japanese restaurants would enable diners to witness the swift chops and cuts of the blades right before they get to devour and savor the exotic tastes of seafood topped on Japanese sushi rice. With this being among the most important part of eating sushi, diners know that the ‘blades’ are such an important factor in the crafting of quality Japanese dishes, specifically sushi.

Sashimi sushi requires clear-cut lines of raw ingredients like fish (Salmon, Tuna, Saba and more), perfect slices of vegetables essential in California roll or Maki sushi, and professional chops to bring out the raw flavors of fresh ingredients. With this in mind, Japanese chefs and professionals in the culinary industry always look for the best equipment to aid them in the process of crafting better dishes and create their own idealistic menus.

Japan’s famous knife brands are a plenty – not all of them are of high quality and are suitable for sushi-making.
However, among the top-tier, quality Japanese knives specifically made for the crafting of delicate sushi pieces, Sakai Takayuki is indeed a fine choice.

With long history in blade forging, Sakai Takayuki has its home back in the city of cutlery – Sakai.

The brand has forged thousands of quality blades for Japanese top chefs and professionals and is trusted by users from all over Japan with quality materials used in various components of each knife model. Among the best models suited for sashimi chops and cuts, Sakai Takayuki Honyaki VG10 Stainless Dragon leads the rest with its 100% pure stainless steel material and beautifully engraved dragon illustration on its blade. Not only is it beautiful and valuable to collect, Sakai Takayuki Honyaki VG10 Stainless Dragon is a model widely used among world-class Japanese food chefs, as the blade is proved to be rust-resistance and has an extremely long-lasting edge.

The sharpness of the blade itself is also proved to be retained for a long period of time, which allows users to care for it and use it long-term. The attractive engraving of Japanese dragon illustration on its stainless steel blade further makes this knife a unique piece of art worth collecting. Although it is a perfect for the crafting of perfect sashimi pieces with its ability to perform various techniques to cut, chop, and slice raw ingredients like a pro, Sakai Takayuki Honyaki VG10 Stainless Dragon also tops the charts for its original, unique dragon illustration design and ranks first among the other knife models as the most beautiful Japanese knives to keep, collect, and gift.

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